about the artist 

Morgan Sayers is a graduate student at Columbia College Chicago pursuing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Media. She  spent several years studying sculpture and nutrition in southern Mississippi and Alabama, and received her BFA in Studio Art from Virginia Tech in 2009.  

artist statement

I see myself as a problem-solver and risk-taker, continuously experimenting and combining new mediums. Through this process, I form experiential and conceptually charged sculptures, video performances and sound pieces that explore questions of beauty, power, perfection and consumption and how these affect the human body. By combining my own body and media with everyday materials such as food wrappers, kitchen utensils, or cosmetic products, I reveal the overwhelming pressures of pursuing and upholding contemporary society's concepts of beauty and its expectations of unattainable perfection. I challenge myself to balance process and concept, creating figurative, yet abstract, and elegant, yet disturbing works, which further address the constant struggle for moderation and balance in our nutritional intake or lack thereof.


curriculum vitae